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A Periodic Update

by Azia Burgi We all know that EVE isn't perfect. The cute little foibles is what a lot of us actually enjoy in a weird masochistic way. Recently CCP announced that they were cutting the workforce and that...

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EVE Cemetery Video

by Azia Burgi It has been a long time coming but AlleyKat has finally made me a little video for the cemetery. It is truly awesome! It has actually been aired during this year's alliance tournament. I've...

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A Closed Gate

by Azia Burgi I have been using EVE Gate a lot since starting this new job. Apparently there was a big web outage on all EVE websites yesterday. They have supposed to have fixed EVE Gate today but it isn't...

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Alliance Tournament

by Azia Burgi I know, I know! I need to update more often. The cemetery is doing something big for this year's tourny. I can't go into details yet but just keep your eyes glued to the live streams!

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The New Me

by Azia Burgi I am very impressed at the new character creator in EVE, especially with the recent update to the textures. I have uploaded two galleries of the new look me for you to look at. Gallery...

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Nerf Real Life!

by Azia Burgi So much for my promise of weekly blog posts. I have managed to secure myself a job IRL which has sucked up a lot of my Eve time. That is my excuse for not posting and I'm sticking with it ;) I've...

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Cemetery Re-opened

by Azia Burgi I have finally got round to re-opening the cemetery. I did this quietly without much of a fanfare purely because I didn't need the additional stress in my life. Things are quite bad at home, a new year...

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And The Winner Is...

by Azia Burgi Thanks everyone for voting. Over 150 people voted, which is way more than I was expecting. The popular choice at the start of the week was the PVP tournament but there was a late change of heart and...

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New Event... Maybe?

by Azia Burgi I am trying to decide what sort of event to host next. Truth be told I like hosting all the events I do so I am opening it up to you guys to decide. I'll let the poll run for one week until 1200 GMT...

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by Azia Burgi The bloody milkman just dropped the milk bottles all over the driveway and buggered off without cleaning it up! As you can see I am still suffering insomnia...

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An Update

by Azia Burgi Well I guess I should bring you up-to-date with the recent happenings in my life. Aside from the myriad of IRL problems that have hit me all in one go, Goonswarm have decided to take offence...

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Chilled Mining Op

by Azia Burgi Last night I had a small ice mining op with the cemetery team and a few other friends. The purpose of this op was to get enough ice together to fuel the cemetery tower for a month. Roughly about 350...

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by Azia Burgi Today I managed to anchor my 733rd grave at the cemetery. This means the new cemetery is larger than the old one that Goonswarm destroyed. I still have around 8000 corpses in the backlog to deal with,...

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Living Volume

by Azia Burgi I have spent the last few weeks search high and low in Nakregde for more apartment space in the station. While my previous location was fine, it was getting a bit small for my tastes and a few undesirable...

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A Full Day's Work

by Azia Burgi I have had builders stomping around the house today so I took my trusty laptop and spent all day applying for jobs while hiding out in a local cafe. I spotted

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A Guiding Hand

by Azia Burgi I have started adding things to the Guides section of the website. The first item I have added is my Kestrel owners manual. If you have any requests for guides or walkthroughs you would like...

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500 Burials

by Azia Burgi I have managed to anchor over 500 graves at the cemetery. There are slightly more corpses than that due to mausoleums. This accounts for the difference seen at the bottom of the page.

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Generosity Within

by Azia Burgi I just have to thank Chaos WithIn for a most generous donation of over 5000 Small Secure Cans for use as graves in the cemetery. The donation means that I should have enough cans to cover the...

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Third Annual NYE Quiz

by Azia Burgi Once again I am hosting a pub/trivia quiz ingame to celebrate the new year. There will be 200,000,000 ISK up for grabs as well as a PLEX for first place. Other prizes are to be confirmed. There...

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The Devil From The Skies

by Azia Burgi Ugh! What a day! I decided to pop planetside for some shopping and ended up stuck on the landing pad. Literally! When I originally landed it was cold but the sky was clear. I left the manticore,...

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Speedboat Pirate Missions

by Azia Burgi I have decided to try the Angel Cartel epic arc. I have kitted out my manticore to try them and have set course for the nearest agent. I will try to document my adventures on this journey through lowsec...

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Smooth Patching

by Azia Burgi It appears that the Dominion patch for EVE has been very successful and smoothly deployed. I am especially liking the new browser and evemail system. The planets look great too. Should make...

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Pre-Patch Blues

by Azia Burgi All the crashes and restarts TQ has been having recently reminds me of what usually happens AFTER a patch. It doesn't bode well for next Tuesday... Long skill time folks!

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Newbie Frig Tournament

by Azia Burgi I am trying to organise a one-off PvP tournament for newbies to enter but I am struggling to drum up enough interest. It is going to be held at 19:00 game time on Sunday 2009/11/08 at an undisclosed...

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Story Time

by Azia Burgi I'm going to stop apologizing for the slow updates to the site. Clearly IRL is just preventing me from doing what I promise. There is good news though! I have been collaborating with my very...

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Cemetery Opening

by Azia Burgi I have been a little busy this week so progress on the website has been a little slow. Thankfully all the behind-the-scenes admin stuff has been completed so I can concentrate fully on the rest of the...

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Alliance Tournament Thoughts

by Azia Burgi The EVE alliance tournament finished this evening with Pandemic Legion winning again. They were just so much better than every other team. It is always fun to watch the matches on EVE-TV. I believe...

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New Website!

by Azia Burgi After a long time I have finally got round to updating my website. I've decided to keep the same layout and colour scheme, for now anyway. The only change to the layout is that the main display area...

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