The Devil From The Skies

by Azia Burgi

Ugh! What a day! I decided to pop planetside for some shopping and ended up stuck on the landing pad. Literally!

When I originally landed it was cold but the sky was clear. I left the manticore, gave the crew some personal time and went off to get some clothes for the up-coming party season. I can't always get away with wearing a flight suit to every occasion. Luckily Nariea had furnished me with the latest Amarr fashion tips. Shopping is always more fun when done together but I wanted to surprise her...

During the several hours I spent trying on the most gorgeous dresses the weather had closed in and upon returning to the manticore I discovered a blizzard in progress. After having struggled aboard with all my own shopping, the stupid maglev network had been shutdown due to the bad weather stranding most of my crew in other parts of the continent.

I started the take-off sequence, against the advice of traffic control, but as I eased up the power the whole ship started shaking violently. Aborting I checked the sensors and discovered the landing gear and been FROZEN to the deck!

I was livid. I had to power down and go out into the blizzard and chop at the ice myself. Stupid crew, stupid weather. Anyway, I finally managed to free myself and get into orbit which is when I found out I'd left some of my shopping in the hanger office. I'm not going back for it. Hate flying in the snow. I'll get one of my lazy crew to collect it when they return to the station on a civilian transport.

What I need now is a long hot bath, a big mug of tea and then later I might relax on the balcony with a lovely bottle of wine I picked up planetside. I just hope nobody calls round, don't fancy entertaining tonight.

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