A Periodic Update

by Azia Burgi

We all know that EVE isn't perfect. The cute little foibles is what a lot of us actually enjoy in a weird masochistic way.

Recently CCP announced that they were cutting the workforce and that most of the cuts were happening to the staff who work "front-of-house", community liaisons basically. This is a worrying trend, CCP's recent track record of communicating with the playerbase is not great. I am not sure how they expect to keep up a decent level of customer service with a reduction in this area.

I was thinking recently about the elements in EVE and how many there actually were. I was quite surprised to find as many as I did, mainly transitional metals. I made this little periodic table to help you see them. I might improve it by making the missing elements a little clearer.

by Jowen Dtaloran

Interesting way of thought. Maybe we can use it in the Arek'Jaalan project :D

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