Returning To Full Operations

by Azia Burgi

I know I have been very quiet the last few weeks, that is because I got a new job IRL and logistics of moving home have been quite hectic.

I'm now settled in sort of... not quite happy with my housemates but that is besides the point. I am working on moving to a more lively town when I have paid off the credit card.

The main issue with living here is the chronic lack of bandwidth, I get about 4Mbps on a good day (down from 20 in the city). It is looking like my ISP practices throttling too, I've been seeing a clear drop in performance every day at roughly the same time with it then picking up again long after midnight. All in all this means that missions are very laggy, I struggle watching the BBC iPlayer and skyping my parents is difficult.

I am going to ease myself back into scanning, maybe dabble in Planetary Interaction and then hitting up the Amarr Epic Arc again.

In closing I just want to thank the dedicated band of tower refuellers who kept the cemetery ticking over while I was offline. Epic thanks to Karin and Jinkei who managed to organise everything.

by Jinkei

Thanks! Happy to be part of this! -xox-

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