Cemetery Re-opened

by Azia Burgi

I have finally got round to re-opening the cemetery. I did this quietly without much of a fanfare purely because I didn't need the additional stress in my life. Things are quite bad at home, a new year and a fresh start will hopefully go some way to smoothing things over.

I have got about 400 graves up at the cemetery now which is about halfway through. The backlog is still huge with close to 11,000 corpses to process. I might need to expand the cemetery corporation to cope. COME BACK JINKEI WE NEED YOU!

I know I have said it before but this year I am going to try to blog weekly at the bare minimum. I have a few little EVE based projects I want to work on, chiefly my COSMOS item analysis. No promises on time scale.

by Anonymous

Please try and get through the back-log, I really want my dearly beloved put back in the cemetery.

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