New Website!

by Azia Burgi

After a long time I have finally got round to updating my website. I've decided to keep the same layout and colour scheme, for now anyway. The only change to the layout is that the main display area in the middle is slightly wider and a smidgeon taller. It should still fit nicely in a browser if your resolution is 1024x768, it just gives me more space to play with.

The main change is that the majority of the site is now in PHP. This enables me to do a lot more dynamic stuff like having a proper blog and groovy apps (coming soon). You an now add your comments to my blog posts if you feel inclined to do so.

There is still a bit to do but it should all slot into place in the next few days. The RSS feed should appear tomorrow at the latest, that will let you know when I make updates to the site.

by Brad Pit

Just from reading omgrawrs all day I can tell i like your brand of stupid funny. Im at work and can't get to the actual eve site but eve search works. I see that you are still in a starter corp. My question to you is what channel can I find your funny?

-Robis Doyal-

by Azia Burgi

Most of the quotes on omgrawr came from corp chat. I have just opened a public channel called "eve-cem" I'll be in there quite a lot.

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