EVE Cemetery

The EVE Cemetery is a monument to the daily struggles fought by the pilots and crews of starships across New Eden. Regardless of gender, race or political affiliation the cemetery takes the remains of any pilot and inters them decently and respectfully in a grave in space.

Located in orbit of Molea 2, moon 1 in the Khanid region of empire space, is a quiet starbase which is the headquarters of the EVE Cemetery corporation. Surrounding it are the graves of pilots fallen in battle. Each casket contains the remains of one individual pilot, if more then one corpse of the pilot is found it is also interred alongside the other corpses of that pilot and in turn the grave is upgraded to a mausoleum.

Corpses can be transferred to the cemetery by contract to either myself, Azia Burgi, or to the EVE Cemetery corporation [CMTRY]. Epitaphs can be added to the graves at the request of the deceased only. This can be arranged by contacting me directly, ingame. More information on the cemetery and it's history can be found by joining ingame channel "eve-cem".