Living Volume

by Azia Burgi

I have spent the last few weeks search high and low in Nakregde for more apartment space in the station. While my previous location was fine, it was getting a bit small for my tastes and a few undesirable pilots had moved into that floor.

I had several arguements with the station administrators about knocking through walls to extend the size of my old apartments. They complained about airtight walls and other such nonsense.

Anyway I have a lovely new apartment, much larger, in a more secluded area of the station. I even have a garden! Which reminds me I must hire a gardener...

If I wanted more space now I'd either have to move into a ship hanger or move planetside. Considering how I feel about the weather I'm experiencing here on Nakregde 6 currently that isn't likely to be an option. I am having to live planetside for the next week or so while my things are moved to the apartment. Can't wait to get back in my pod!

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