Welcome to the Domain of Azia

by Azia Burgi

I have finally managed to gather myself together and have got myself my own domain name! You should update your bookmarks to point to www.AziaBurgi.me.uk. The old subdomain at GeekAndProud will still work.

Why the change? Well, although I wrote the software for this site the subdomain made me feel I was squatting. It wasn't me, if that makes sense.

I had a crisis of identity last night and talked it over with Yang and Cyke (thanks guys!). It was a case of branding, horrible marketing speak but apt. I felt I needed to divorce myself from...

It is difficult to explain. Anyway I am happier with my new home and a reinforced vision of what the Bolthole means to me and to others.

YangTze Quan > Bolt Hole: The pilots last refuge against overwhelming odds.

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