An Update

by Azia Burgi

Well I guess I should bring you up-to-date with the recent happenings in my life.

Aside from the myriad of IRL problems that have hit me all in one go, Goonswarm have decided to take offence to the cemetery again. They issued a wardec on Sunday and launched an assault early on Tuesday morning. They brought overwhelming numbers, our gunners weren't able to break their spider tank. We were out-numbered 20:1.

I am not sure why they keep trying to destroy the cemetery, they make up all-sorts of nonsense about wanting to eat corpses. My personal theory is that they can't cope with real PvP and have to find small targets to bully.

Right before the assault one of the FCs for Goons demanded that I release several corpses to their custody. I made it quite clear that only the pilots themselves could request their corpses back. I will not be bullied nor will I go against my principles.

I am trying to organise some sort of counter-offensive but if they bring 60 pilots again I am not sure what we can do other than provide a token defence.

The cemetery WILL continue.

by Sir Fofofo

Pretty sure we explained it, Daitengu is fat and needs corpses to satiate his appetite. You have corpses, and we want them.

by Free DBRB

There are no more space shrimp to be had. If we don't feed him the corpses, we're next you see.

by Jinkei

After LOL-ing about previous comments, I can only say: 'congratulation goonswarm and tapi, you successfully destroyed a cemetery. Some feat!'. Back to business as usual. (^^)

by Test Comment, Please

1 X Crane
1 X Arbitrator
1 X Caracal
1 X Cemetery
1648 X Souls Released in 30 days
Over 9000 X Pubbie Tears Harvested From "Eve-Cem" Channel during siege

Thanks for the memories! See you in 2-3 years!

by DaiTengu

Amazing how each time we've killed your stupid cemetery, you've had "IRL issues".

Regardless, I will feast upon the myriad of corpses now left with no protection. I will eat them cans and all.

I expect to feed for about 30 days, at which point, I will move on.

by Azia Burgi

Last time you attacked I had no internet access due to moving to a new city. IRL > EVE, you'd do well to remember that.

by Broken lemming

2-3 years huh... Guess I have plenty of time to get my corp mates into PvP capable ships before then and get some Jump Clones and ships in that area.

by Karin Rousseau

I don't recall any 'pubbie tears' in the eve-cem public channel, you should pull some logs to document your claims, as for goonswarm I don't see any goons, just C***S. Before the rise the Goonswarm a C**T used to be useful.

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