Alliance Tournament Thoughts

by Azia Burgi

The EVE alliance tournament finished this evening with Pandemic Legion winning again. They were just so much better than every other team. It is always fun to watch the matches on EVE-TV. I believe that CCP will upload the videos to youtube over the next week or so if you missed any matches you can watch them on there. I suggest watching the Pandemic v Manifest Destiny match, truly epic.

A few friends of mine with small corps have been discussing forming an alliance to help pool resources and maybe compete next time around. We were playing around with the name Allied Really Small Empires [ARSE].

I know the site is still a little barren in terms of content, I have been concentrating on the backend admin section first. I found that making pages then trying to get the admin stuff to work in reverse just wasn't working well. The good news is that the backend stuff is nearly complete so this week you should start to see all the sections below becoming live.

by Azia Burgi

I forgot to mention i have set up an ingame channel eve-cem if you want to chat about the cemetery or other things.

by Ars(e)onist

So if you have friends in corps, why are you still in noob corp ? :P

by Azia Burgi

Mainly because I can do my own thing and not have to get bogged down with the politics of player run corps. I also enjoy helping out the n00blets.

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