Manufacturing Profit Calculator v1.2

by Azia Burgi

Several years ago I made a calculator to help me work out the cost of producing various items in Eve. Since then it fell into dis-repair and was several updates out of date. Well recently a guy called Runaway Radiostar from [ERDA] bugged me into updating it. It now has the latest Inferno 1.2 data in it.

I'm still not 100% happy with how I have to manipulate the data to get it into the spreadsheet. If I get some time I will try to tidy the whole sheet up and improve it. I am still limited in the fact that I can't account for T2 items. I still desperately want to convert it into a webapp, I need to rewrite/design the whole website first.

It should be accessible in MS Office 2007 or later. You might struggle with OpenOffice but let me know if it does work.

Download Here

by Lammeth

Hello. Great tool, I love being able to use this as it's slightly less clunky than some of the web apps out there, plus I like to keep it sync'd on Dropbox for use in multiple locations.

I was curious of two things. First, would you be willing to share with the community how you populate the "Lookup" tab? This would be helpful in the future when expansion packs are released should you choose to stop updating the spreadsheet. Which brings me to questions two, do you plan to update this to reflect the Retribution items?

Thank you again!

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