A Full Day's Work

by Azia Burgi

I have had builders stomping around the house today so I took my trusty laptop and spent all day applying for jobs while hiding out in a local cafe.

I spotted this cool blog the other day and decided to try the app on my laptop. the resulting images is my work, pixel pushing, from about 1000 GMT to 2030 GMT today.

Mouse Trails

by Venus


I found your old excel file BP Profit Calc. I love it as it simplifies things tremendously. However the question is, is it still usable or is it obsolete, has it been replaced by something else? I just started production and only really build T1 and rigs so I just need a simple excel sheet :) Could I even add the rigs as I go along to the sheet perhaps?

Many thanks,


by Dan

Nice! that is one cool program

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