A Quick How To: Autolinking In EVE

by Azia Burgi

Recently a lot of newbies have been asking the following question. So I thought I might blog the answer here.

How do you link in messages or chats to corporations, items or other stuff?

The function to link objects within EVE makes sharing information and helping other people a lot simpler. There are two ways to autolink, these are:

  1. Simply drag and drop the item you wish to link from your hanger or cargohold to the chat or evemail.

  2. If you do not have the item you want to autolink, you can type the name of the object into the chat window, highlight it, rightclick and then go to autolink

I hope that helps!

by Nick Falcon

two things
one: nice video wish it actually showed the cemetery though
two: i could have given a really smart ass response to the 'if you are human' question and said 4.95

by Nick Falcon

damn the previous comment was supposed to be on the cemetery vid story i think i am not yet completely awake

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